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What Is Cavus Foot? Cavus foot is a condition in which the foot has a very high arch. Because of this high arch, an excessive amount of weight is placed on the ball and heel of the foot when walking or standing. Cavus foot can lead to a variety of signs and symptoms, such as pain and instability.

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High arches (pes cavus ) are the excessive, fixed flexion of the arch of the foot. While weight-bearing stress is typically distributed across the

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The arch of your foot is that slightly curved area between your heel and the ball of your foot. Some people have unusually high arches, which

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Learn about high arches, including what high arches are, the common high arch feet problems, and ways to relieve pain in the arch of the foot. Sometimes we all need a little extra support in life. The same is true for your feet, especially if you have high arches. Proper high arch support can help ease

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